Los muebles de exterior de teca no solo están bellamente diseñados

When you have a house with a garden, pool, or patio, then you’ll definitely think to equip them with some fascinating furniture. However, deciding outdoor furniture is indeed different than indoor furniture. The outdoor furniture must be facing the climates, dirt, humidity, or mildew. Speaking of which, you should check the Outdoor furniture.

Teak furniture has been well known for its beauty, strength, and durability. Indonesia and India are two countries which most Teak trees grew in. The characters of Teak wood that make it suitable for outdoor furniture is that it contains silica and rubber which can resist water, mildew, and mold. These characters will make Teak outdoor furniture can be set in your pool or garden for a long time without any special treatment or maintenance.

However, the beauty, strength, and durability of Teak wood usually mean high-cost furniture. You should equip yourself with 2 special knowledge about grades and Moisture content or level of Teak Wood. Of course, you’re not making your own outdoor furniture. Nevertheless, you should understand the relevant factors that influence the Teak Furniture’s price as you want to purchase and enjoy outdoor furniture for long term usage.

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When you purchase a Teak outdoor furniture, you should know that Teak (Tectona grandis) wood has three grades. Grade “A” Teak wood will show high density, mature heartwood, high natural oils content, and tightly grained. The color will be rich of golden honey brown and turned to silvery gray patina through the aging. This Grade is very rare as it makes up only 20 percent of the mature log. If you’re offered of a Teak furniture that has a very expensive price than the others and was told that it’s built from grade “A”, then you already know how to check it.

If the Teak wood has a lighter and some scratches of black, half-mature heartwood and affordable price, then you must be facing the Grade “b”. The last is the grade C which is referred to sapwood. It is very soft and less of oil content, you will find it in most white variant color. The Grade C of Teak wood outdoor furniture will be very cheap to purchase and suitable for budget furniture.

The second factor of Teak wood quality is the moisture level. It doesn’t matter if you can find and recognize grade A Teak wood furniture but it’s so moist as common the lowest grade. Grading factor is based on natural wood characters but moisture levels are mostly determined by the production process.

The water content in the Teak wood represents the quality of the wood. They use kiln oven to dry the wood into ideal level 8-12 percent. However, Kiln oven is very expensive to operate, so it explains the reason why some Teak woods are still moist even they’re Grade A. Otherwise, the lower grade of Teak wood can build a better furniture at the right moisture level.

However, the diversity of quality starts in the Teak wood’s origin country, Indonesia. Many factories in Indonesia which produce the Teak wood, don’t have a proper equipment such as Kiln oven. Most of them are still using air drying for the wood, if they do have a kiln oven, they don’t even use the SOP to dry the wood to an ideal level. And without a proper quality control, the Teak woods are exported to the UK and US. It’s reasonable, as you can find some Teak woods with cheap prices along with their bad quality especially refer to its high level of moisture.

It can be concluded that moisture level will destroy or support the Teak wood grading. Grading and moisture level will help you to decide what kind of outdoor Teak furniture you should purchase along with price reasoning. Furniture suppliers or stores will have a specification or information details about the product, you can check these variables from them. If you can’t find any, then you should move to other suppliers or vendors.

As mentioned above, using Teak wood for your outdoor furniture will do a big help as they beautiful, strong and durable. This somehow led us to the stereotype that Teak wood doesn’t need any treatment or maintenance. Well, if you’re planning to let your outdoor furniture to turn silvery, then indeed it doesn’t.However, if you have any preferences as you have the next level of outdoor taste, then the proper treatment and maintenance are indeed needed.

The basic treatment is applied for several outdoor Teak furniture’s preferences.  It;s possible that you purchase the outdoor Teak furniture due to its golden honey brown and you want to keep it like that after years. You should treat your outdoor Teak furniture with Teak oil once or twice a year. It’s also suggested for you to put some cover on your outdoor Teak furniture in the winter, or simply shade them into your shed if you have some spaces. This step will engage durability of your outdoor Teak furniture.

Outdoor Teak wood furniture will be beautiful and indeed functional. The character of Teak wood makes it reliable to be built as many functional types of furniture such as an outdoor chair, table, dining set, deck, or a patio set. They will not only be beautiful but also sturdy and reliable.How ever, it can only happen if you carefully choose your furniture or built by the right carpenter. Structures and construction of outdoor Teak wood furniture will define its functionality.

You should check the specification of the joint construction whether it’s mortise and tenon or tongue and groove. You can simply purchase it from famous vendors, however, if you have a sense of individual taste you can find a good and trusted carpenter to build your own designated outdoor Teak furniture. Makes sure you’re explained about the specification before dealing the transaction.

It’s important to purchase outdoor Teak furniture from suppliers or vendors which give you a period guarantee as it’s a big investment for your house and personality. The patience is the key to buying outdoor Teak furniture. You can take your time to do some researches or browse some reviews. And when you’re on a budget, you can check the prices from the several suppliers or vendor. You should purchase best available quality of Teak outdoor furniture only.