ž Mobili da esterno

We produce teakwood, stainless steel, synthetic rattan, aluminum, cast alloy combined with batyline, outdoor fabric,

stone and glass

Production Capacity : 8x40HC/month

Woodworking machinery : tennoner, mortiser, radial arm, table saw, planner, thicknesser, drum sander, router, spindle

moulder, dowel milling, etc

Metal working machinery : welding tig, pipe roller, bandsaw, driling milling, batyline machine, etc

ž Indoor Mahogany Furniture

We make various style of furniture such as classic, colonial, contemporary, and modern minimalist furniture.We offer

also alternative material such as mindi wood, acacia, and others wood from Java.

Production capacity : 15x40HC/month

ž Indoor Teak Furniture

We proudly present our teak combined with leather, with new style for comfort zone, and also reclaimed teak

Production capacity : 10x40HC/month

ž Rattan and Natural Fiber Furniture

Completing those wooden collections, we bring in rattan furniture, natural fiber furniture such as skin of rattan, croco,

water hyacinth, sea grass, and mixture of natural fiber for indoor use.

Production capacity : 15x40HC/month

ž Craft and Home Accessories

Furnished your home and interior with our large selection of craft and home accessories made of wood, terracotta,

terrazzo, fabric, and assorted natural fibers.

Production capacity : 2x40HC/month