Synthetic rattan
Synthetic rattan is a unique natural look fibers made of durable polyethylene. This material is 100% recyclable and friendly environmentally and also non toxic. Polyethylene is also designed with protectors against UV, heat, humidity, oxidation and mould as well as high flexibility, tensile strength. This material is very suitable for outdoor because of its resistant to splintering, cracking, peeling and corrosion and will not fade even though it‘s exposed to different weather conditions.
For this material, we use trusted suppliers: Rehau, Viro, polystrand, and ecolenefibers.
Transparency, lightness, and material effects make Batyline as the choice for epitomizing the art of living modern outdoor furniture. The unique technology of Batyline gives it optimal dimensional stability, combined with a highly regular and openwork weaves. Batyline brings high tech design for its flexibility to be used for unlimited variety of applications for outdoor furniture such as stacking chairs, arm chairs, lounger, etc.
We use Ferrari’s batyline for our furniture for it provides harmonious trendy colors and the resistance of its colors overtime in particular to ultraviolet so it can be left outdoor as it withstands mould, even in plant-filled environments.
De Acero Inoxidable
We include stainless steel material since it has higher resistance to oxidation and corrosion in many natural environments. And the additional characteristics of durable, rigid, strong make stainless steel suitable to be placed in outdoor. Our Stainless steel grade 301 is an intense durable material that corrosion resistance is similar to that of 304. Good resistance in applications involving external exposure to mildly corrosive conditions at ambient temperatures.
This grade is good for outdoor furniture. For your information, this furniture is easily rust if we put near the beach, but good for your garden. We put silicon coating before we pack the goods to reduce the rusting process. Further information about this, you can visit this link
The impression of Modern look of stainless steel is when it’s combined with other material such as teak, batyline, synthetic rattan along with contemporary design and for sure, it is comfort for you.